Monday, April 25, 2016

Firsts of the Season

There's really not much more exciting in life than finding out you and the wife are expecting another child. We already have one and weren't really planning the second but life always has a different plan than what you think you plan. In late February we welcomed our second son into the world. I was ecstatic with the outcome already having practiced on my first son(sorry bud). 
Hes 2 in this picture. I think we've got the basics down though. 

In October we had gotten married and thought a move back to Michigan was a good idea. We have friends and family back in the state. We made the move and thought we had left Colorado in the rear view for the time being. After the struggle of finding jobs and steady livable income we called it quits. Returning back to Colorado with a new baby in tow. I have to give it to my wife for being the trooper she is being a week post partum loading a moving truck once again to get us back to our lives here in Colorful (no vacancy) Colorado.

There's a very exciting time of year that comes around the end of March. The time of year when your fishing license expires and it's time again for that excuse to find your way to the fly shop and get the latest and greatest edition. It's a perfect excuse to go look at all the new offerings from your favorite companies. It's an opportunity to day dream about your upcoming season. 

We finally were able to get out this past weekend. Finally able to get out camping and fishing of course. This was Uelis first venture into the wilderness and like his older brother was a perfect fit for our camp. I swear the little one sleeps better in a tent then he does at home in a bed. Beyond excited to see what this summer has in store for us. According to our 3 year old "I go camping! And dad catches fish!" if we can keep this theme going it will be a good summer.

Ueli's first night in the tent. 

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