Sunday, July 21, 2013

Browns lake

What a trip this weekend. I got to break in the new Osprey poco baby pack and my new clearwater rod after my dog decided to turn it into scrap. We Hiked up to browns lake near Buena Vista Colorado. It was my 2 month old first back country trip. The lake was at about 11000 feet and the scenery was something out of a Bob Ross painting. The lake was full of wild cutthroat trout. They're way prettier than pictures as usual for wild fish. Caught plenty of fingerlings and a few over 12". The trail was definitely way gnarlier than expected feeling at times like it would never end. You get to hike past mount Antero and past some awesome trickle waterfalls that are about 150 feet above browns creek. Along the trail there's a nice stop along a 20" wide maybe 50" high waterfall that makes a nice lunch area about halfway up the trail. The signs say about 8 miles but I feel like it was way more than that. You get to get on a quick section of the Colorado trail which is a really cool feeling if you're into super long hikes. Overall if you like waterfalls and wild fish this is a great place.

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