Saturday, August 24, 2013

It has been a couple weeks...

              Well first off my computer took quite the shit a year and some months ago. It had completely stopped trying to load finder. I thought that it had bitten the ultimate bullet and the hard drive and or motherboard was crapping out on me. This had me like most people reeling in sadness and i thought for sure it was the end of my laptop. I kept putting it off like many things in life the idea of not being able to afford the repairs/ replacement. So finally the old lady talked me into just taking it in and see if they could work their magic and help me with our laptop. We have since had a child and family has been relentless on us getting our pictures of the little fisherman in training up for the world to view. Needless to say now that it has since been fixed(for free) perks of having a macbook. Well i am very happy and proud to say that there will be many more and frequent updates of raising a child by the tying bench and riverside.

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