Monday, January 26, 2015

January Dry Fly

Well I have thought about this page and how I should be keeping up on it but honestly its the last of my worries. I sure wish I fished as much as I could just to keep a page like this rolling. Obviously in all reality I haven't fished nearly as much as I should have. Oh well what are you going to do. When you're 27 and raising a family working 40+ a week all you can do is enjoy those Saturdays with the family. I love the time spent with them and still adventuring but its not at my pace anymore. Its what satisfies the collective. If I am lucky we can squeeze in a couple hours on the river casting god knows what with crap that has been collected in my fly tying desk. Which I have learned don't keep real deal wild squirrel tail in there because mites of whatever sort will eat the rest of the materials in that said drawer. That was a fun clean out.

The weather finally broke after a few weeks of what felt like actual winter here in Colorado. We had a Sunday with a forecast that said the possible 60's! I took a random chance hoping for some dry fly fishing and was rewarded. We packed up and headed down south hoping to catch a warmer break on the river. I got what I was hoping for. Warm weather and rising fish! IN JANUARY. Being from Michigan having rising fish in January is I won't say impossible but very very close. Watching people fly fish with dries is only something you can watch on youtube and or think of those sunny days on the little creeks watching the resident browns sip them from the surface while  you're sitting in an ice shanty jigging for walleye. Anyway this was a banner day. Not a single fish broke the scale. Not one was even over 14 inches. They were all wild trout in the river. I had an awesome day on the river fishing dry flies with my family IN JANUARY! Oh yeah and technically speaking these were my first fish of the new year!

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