Sunday, March 1, 2015

Splurged and the selfish act of going to the fly shop.

We all do it. We as fly fishermen and women are all guilty of telling the significant other were just going for tying materials or a pack of tippet. When in all reality we are eyeballing the reel case day dreaming of that thing cranked down whining with the fish of a lifetime on the other end of that tippet we were supposed to be getting in the first place. Or false casting that brand new top of the line $1000 dollar Sage, Orvis, or Winston. When you know you should just be in the tying section and fooling oneself into "I could afford this" "If i just eat ramen and tuna packets for a few weeks." "You know just like hiking but living at home." We all know that having a family and youngsters comes with responsibility and they aren't going to be cool with having ramen and tuna for a couple weeks we have to put that dream rod back in the case and walk away. Thinking to yourself, one day I will have that rod tube tucked under my arm and reel in hand lined out with your choice will eventually come and it does.

After waiting a few years and being patient I have finally pulled the trigger on a new setup. I have been fishing the Orvis clearwater with a BBS3 reel for about 5 years. I have absolutely no complaints on either of the rod or reel. I have caught bass, walleye, sheepshead and trout on that setup. It was my first "real" fly fishing rig with the big name. Which is why I am so partial to this setup. I have broken it and my dog has broken it. Orvis has came through and honored their end of the warranty. Earning them a customer for life. They even upgraded me the second time because they didn't make the original clearwater anymore. So hell yeah as a fisherman you'll take the latest and greatest for the free!(rod return fees)

Orvis has gone away with the Access series of rods and have introduced the Recon. From the get the advertisement totally won me over. I know I shouldn't let advertisements push my direction either way. Besides who can get mad at that trout laid out in a topographical map? With being an avid backcountry hiker and enjoying the high mountain lakes and rivers Colorado has to offer the solid aluminum rod tube with the aforementioned topographical trout lured me in. Light weight sleek and not made of nylon and plastic that tends to soak out when it does rain here adding weight that you can't drink. The other part that caught me was the fact that they were made here in America. I've always wanted a rod that was made in the US, but never could come up with the coin to own one without as much guilt.

I bought the Recon in a 4 piece 9 foot 8 weight rod. Having the casting characteristics of the H2 without the H2 price was a huge plus. Thermoplastics and high end resins are nice but fish don't care about that stuff. To be quite frank neither do I. Do I enjoy a rod that casts smoothly and puts your fly within a foot or two of where you wanted it? Absolutely. I paired the rod with Sage 4280 reel. I lined it with Scientific Anglers 250 grain Wet Tip Express. This is going to be my streamer rod for big trout and pike out of my canoe.

Why am I still rambling on about my latest first world purchase? Because of ice and snow are still blocking the trailheads. Until then I will continue to construct Kelly Galloup would be a mad zoo cougars.

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